Is my puppy scared of fireworks?

Puppy scared Of Fireworks

Dogs can learn to be completely at ease with loud noises if they are gradually accustomed to them early in life. The aim is to habituate them to the point where they can remain relaxed when hearing loud sudden noises, such as they might experience on a day out at a show or when at home on firework night.

Start early
Puppies should be exposed gradually to recordings of the noise of fireworks and other loud noises. These recordings should be played quietly at first, so the puppy is not startled and gradually increased over time, taking care not to worry them in any way. The aim should be a calm acceptance rather than only just tolerating.

Use an ADAPTIL Junior collar throughout the process, it is clinically proven to help puppies learn better and faster.

Little and often
Frequency is key. The more the sounds are presented, the easier the puppy will accept them as part of daily life and the less notice they will take of them later in life. If done well, this early training will prepare them for a lifetime of worry-free celebrations.

Prevention is better than a cure
Prevention is much better than cure when it comes to noise sensitivities as habituation to sounds takes far less time than a treatment programme later in life. It is also much less stressful for the animal too. It is not difficult to do, it just needs to be done, preferably being started by the breeder and continued by the new owner until the puppy is mature.

Using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser or ADAPTIL Junior collar will help your dog cope with the loud noises.
For further support, use ADAPTIL Express to calm your dog 2 hours before the anticipated event.

Using Feliway for my cat

What is FELIWAY Optimum?

Is your purrfect pal already a fan of FELIWAY? Kitty parents will be excited to hear about our brand new product!

FELIWAY Optimum helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations, and calms cats better than ever. After the discovery of a new Feline Pheromone Complex FELIWAY Optimum has been designed to enhance your cat’s calmness around the home and help them adapt to any changes that may happen on a day-to-day basis.

It is an innovative, new Feline Pheromone Complex, that conveys more impactful messages than ever before; supported by exciting clinical evidence that it outperforms existing pheromones and visibly helps cats with more signs of stress in more situations to provide harmony in your home! FELIWAY Optimum is a new FELIWAY® innovation for owners wanting the very best for their kitty.

Should I use FELIWAY Optimum for my Cat?

We know that cats are creatures of habit and find changes around the home challenging, but as we live in busy changing environments, we may forget the impact that some of the stresses of modern life can have on our feline friends. Luckily, FELIWAY Optimum can help.

What might be normal day-to-day changes for humans, can sometimes be unsettling for your cat. New visitors to the home might send your feline friend scooting out of the room to find their favorite hiding place; they might get confused when you redecorate a room or move furniture around – don’t forget they have left their scent in their favorite places and you might change this with one sweep of a paint brush! New pets or even a new baby arriving in the house can also make your cat feel vulnerable, anxious and affect your relationship with them.  Cat Hiding FELIWAY Optimum

Your house is your home, but it’s your cat’s territory too. They have worked hard to make it their own by marking it with their scent, discovering their own perches, secret hiding spots and establishing a routine!

Kitties like control and sometimes modern life can come into conflict with your cat’s essential needs! Do they have to share their space with other cats? Are there loud noises that sometimes spook them? Do other commitments mean you’re not always home at the same time every day? If so, FELIWAY Optimum can help!

cats fighting FELIWAY Optimum

If your feline seems unsociable, unpredictable or stressed, you’re not sure why, and you have checked with the vet that your kitty is healthy, they may be reacting to changes around the house. Whatever the cause, FELIWAY Optimum helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations, and calms them better than ever.

Why FELIWAY Optimum?

Cat’s naturally produce pheromone markers to show that they feel comfortable or at home in a space, and to let other cats know that this is their territory! Our new product FELIWAY Optimum contains the most advanced Feline Pheromone Complex yet!

By providing an environment that your cat will constantly feel safe and secure in, you will make your cat happier, less anxious, more sociable and enhance your relationship with your feline friend – and bring harmony to your cats if they’re in conflict. FELIWAY Optimum provides a total serenity solution with a new pheromone discovery for advanced comfort and calm!


Let FELIWAY Optimum become your secret support and learn how to make home changes easier for your cat – and calm them better than ever.

FELIWAY Optimum can be used with cats of all ages. Used continuously, it will provide permanent happiness, serenity and comfort to your cat.  Just plug it into the room your cat uses most, to help them feel more relaxed when faced with changes around the home.

Firework awareness month

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