How to maintain a puppy or kittens weight

Orchard House Vets Top Tips

To keep on top of your little one’s weight, follow these tips:

  • Weigh out food portions every time
  • Feed an appropriate diet
  • Don’t go overboard on the treats
  • Encourage as much play time and exercise as possible
  • Check your furry friend’s Body Condition Score regularly.

What do Orchard House Vets do to help? 

At your vaccination appointments, our Veterinary Surgeons will weigh your pet and advise you on whether they are at a healthy weight. If not, they will offer advice on what to do. They may even refer you to one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses who will be able to give you a comprehensive guide on maintaining puppy or kitten diets!

We also have our Well Pet Club which will allow regular weight checks with our nurses included in the monthly direct debit. Please do note this is different to a weight consultation, which is much more comprehensive but a weight check is a brilliant tool for keeping on top of a pet’s weight!


We offer FREE puppy and kitten checks, so after a couple of days of bringing your furry friend, book in an appointment to see our Veterinary Surgeons and make sure you bring a list of questions to ask! It is the perfect time to do so. During your 15 minute appointment, the vet will do a thorough health check of your pet and we can then discuss our brilliant Well Pet Club, as well as offer you 4 weeks free insurance through Petplan. We encourage clients to make use of these outstanding services!