Is my puppy scared of fireworks?

Puppy scared Of Fireworks

Dogs can learn to be completely at ease with loud noises if they are gradually accustomed to them early in life. The aim is to habituate them to the point where they can remain relaxed when hearing loud sudden noises, such as they might experience on a day out at a show or when at home on firework night.

Start early
Puppies should be exposed gradually to recordings of the noise of fireworks and other loud noises. These recordings should be played quietly at first, so the puppy is not startled and gradually increased over time, taking care not to worry them in any way. The aim should be a calm acceptance rather than only just tolerating.

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Little and often
Frequency is key. The more the sounds are presented, the easier the puppy will accept them as part of daily life and the less notice they will take of them later in life. If done well, this early training will prepare them for a lifetime of worry-free celebrations.

Prevention is better than a cure
Prevention is much better than cure when it comes to noise sensitivities as habituation to sounds takes far less time than a treatment programme later in life. It is also much less stressful for the animal too. It is not difficult to do, it just needs to be done, preferably being started by the breeder and continued by the new owner until the puppy is mature.

Using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser or ADAPTIL Junior collar will help your dog cope with the loud noises.
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