Keeping records up to date

We don’t want to be too formal about this, but paperwork is part of owning a pet. Keeping your records up to date, and letting your vet, and other pet related services up to date is important. We will explain what and why.

Pet insurance

Every year it is likely your insurance premium will change, and as your pet gets older, it is possible your insurer will add in new clauses or percentage excesses. It is important to let us know of any changes but especially before any potential insurance claim. We can only submit claims based on the information given to us, and if your policy details have changed you could end up with an unexpected deduction.


If you change address or phone number, you must inform your pet’s microchip supplier. We can scan your pet and check your registered details and let you know who your pet is registered with. We cannot however change your details for you. If your pet went missing and someone found it, the scanner will show the registered / last updated details. So, if this is an incorrect number or wrong address, it makes it near impossible to trace you.

 Vaccinations / routine appointments

We send reminders for soon due vaccinations, and overdue vaccinations. After 30 days, we will ring you so your pet does not lapse in protection. We can only contact the details given on our system, so again, if your phone number, email or address changes, please let us know. We store all visits on our system, so if you are unsure when a vaccination is due, or when your last flea / worm treatment was given, just give us a call and we can check on our system.

Being contacted by us

When you register, you will be asked if you would like to be contacted by SMS, Email or post. You can opt in, or out, at anytime. Please be aware that we would only ever contact you to remind you of treatments due, or overdue, results or queries, and for important practice news. Although you may be asked if you would like to accept marketing, this is not “marketing”, but more practice communications. This could be from important announcements, to special offers, and more regularly, our very popular newsletter. If you do not receive our newsletter, or any special offers, then please give us a call and we can check your communication preferences and alter them so you don’t miss out!

Previous veterinary history 

When registering with us, or any vet for that matter, you will be asked for the details of your previously registered vet. With these details, we request a clinical history of your pet. Your previously registered vet will contact you to check this is okay, which is GDPR compliant. This is another reason it is important to keep your records with your vet up to date, as this also applies to referral centres and emergency care.