Orchard House Veterinary Centre

Laparoscopic testimonials

I am more than happy to recommend Orchard House Vets Laparoscopic keyhole surgery. Alex is very professional and the nurses who spoke to us were lovely. I had previously tried to find a vet who offers this surgery without success and it is not easy in the north east of England to find a Laparoscopic surgeon. 100% recommend.
I have 3 Labrador bitches. One being 7 but the other two being under 3 years old. My younger bitches had the keyhole surgery and the recovery time was significantly better than that of my other girl. They were back to themselves within days and not weeks. The team were great and I would recommend using Orchard House Vets for Laparoscopic surgery without hesitation.

100% recommend. Alex was very informative, patient and excellent in his field. I come from a medical background myself so feel I am probably a little more “judgy” than most when it comes to medical science but Alex was superb. 10/10.
My husband took our Collie for keyhole surgery at Orchard House Vets and was very happy with his experience. We don’t use Orchard as our regular vet as we live in Carlisle but we were recommended Orchard from a friend in Hexham and were delighted with both our experience and how our dogs recovered. They were a lot happier than our previous dogs who had the normal spay surgery. Thanks.

I tried to find a Laparoscopic surgeon in Newcastle for my dogs but came across Orchard House Vets. They are a family run business with a friendly and honest website which reflects the staff, ethos and ideals perfectly. First impressions count, then the second is what makes people come back and I have now been to the practice 5 or 6 times and every single time I am made to feel welcome and have full confidence in the team. Highly recommend.