Nurse clinics at Orchard House Veterinary Centres

In the veterinary world we call veterinary nurses ‘Super-human’ as … well … they are!

Veterinary nurses are versatile members of the team and the backbone to the clinical side of our profession. Nurse clinics are a great service and we call these clinics a kind of “M.O.T” for your pet.

What nurse clinics and consultations do Orchard House Vets offer? 

Firstly – a clinic and a consultation are two different things. A clinic is generally for a specific reason, like a nail clip. A nurse consultation is more broad but is deemed a consultation where the nurse is doing more than a service.

Clinic Consultation
Nail clipping and anal glandsPost-operative checks
Flea checksWeight clinics and weight loss programmes
Puppy clubGeneral pet advice
Microchip checksAdministrating medication
Weight checkWound care

Does the Well Pet Club cover nurse clinics? 

The Well Pet Club does cover some nurse clinics and we have a handy chart below which shows the savings you can make on our nurse clinics by joining the Well Pet Club. You can find a full list of savings here.

Nurse clinics (members of the Well Pet Club)Nurse clinics (Non Well Pet Club members)
Per clinicPer clinic
Nail clipping and anal glandsFree£19.20
Parasite prevention adviceFree£25.80
Flea checksFree£19.20
General adviceFree£25.80
Puppy clubFreeFree
Weight checks and dietary adviceFree£25.80
Microchip checksFreeFree

Does the Well Pet Club include nurse consultations? 

No – A nurse consultation is a paid for service as it is not a clinic and involves a lot more time and work as it is a consultation. Examples of nurse consultations are below.

Nurse consultations
Per consultation
Post-operative checks£25.80
Weight clinics and weight loss programmes£25.80
General pet advice£25.80
Administrating medication£25.80
Wound care£25.80

If I am unsure if I will be charged to see a nurse, can I ask? 

Of course, please do. We try to be as transparent as possible and if you can save money we will certainly advise you about our Well Pet Club if you are not a member. Our team constantly look at records during consultations and if you are “paying as you go” for preventative treatment, vaccinations or certain clinics then our team will be happy to go through the Well Pet Club with you!