Orchard House Veterinary Centre

Referral information for pet owners

Orchard House Veterinary Centres provide a comprehensive range of veterinary referral services in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery, Internal Medicine, Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging.

At Orchard House Veterinary Centres we pride ourselves on our ability to not only reach the correct diagnosis for your pet but also to provide you with the most up to date and effective treatment options available to veterinary medicine today.

All our staff undergo constant training to keep up to date with any new developments in veterinary medicine and our 24 hour veterinary and nursing team work round the clock to care for your pet.

Orchard House Veterinary Centres is located in Hexham which is ideally located between Carlisle and Newcastle, just off the A69.

For full details of how pet owners can find us please visit our Contact Us page.

If you have been referred to us and wish to know more about the referral process please see our FAQs below.

Many of us have been referred to a consultant by our GPs when we have more complex health issues. Veterinary medicine is similar to human medicine , so there are times when your own vet may need to refer your pet to someone with more expertise in a particular area.
Any medications your pet is taking. Any letters, clinical history, test results or x-rays that your vet may have given you. If your pet is insured please bring a copy of the insurance claim form, signed and completed by the holder of the insurance and a copy of the insurance policy. A means of payment, as this is required at the time of consultation. For more information on insurance, see the payments section of our
The referral clinician will examine your pet, review any previous treatments given by your own veterinary surgeon, explain what tests are recommended and give you an estimate of the likely costs involved before any treatment is given.

To get an idea of possible costs involved please see our Price Lists.

The referral clinician may advise that your pet needs to be admitted as an inpatient for diagnostic tests, treatments or surgery .
Our dedicated veterinary and nursing staff will care for your pet 24/7.

If your pet needs to stay with us for any length of time you will be updated daily with your pet’s progress and also kept informed of ongoing costs of treatment.

The referral clinician will discuss any test results or surgery with you and formulate your pet’s treatment plan.
Hexham is a beautiful town with plenty to do!

Our high street has a mixture of well known chains and a great array of local family run businesses.

For an outstanding lunch we would recommend the following places to eat or grab a coffee:

The Beaumont Hotel 

Small World Cafe 

Vercelli Restaurant and bar 

If you are travelling a distance to come to us, you may wish to stay in the local area. Tynedale has many outstanding hotels and B&B’s all close by!

We would recommend the following:

The Beaumont Hotel  (Hexham)

Battlesteads Hotel (Wark)

The County Hotel (Hexham)

The Referral Clinician will discuss your pet’s treatment with you and advise you whether any further tests, followup appointments or medications are required.
The referral clinician will communicate any results to your own vet, so they will be aware of any treatments or medication your pet has received while under our care.
This depends on each individual case, your pet may be able to have follow-up care provided by your own veterinary surgeon.

In some cases your pet may need to return to see our referral clinicians for further diagnostic work or treatments.

Our referral clinicians will keep you and your vet fully informed throughout the referral process.