Well Pet Club - vet health plan for your pet.

Vet health plans

Not all vet health plans are the same, so it is important to understand the value you get for your money. We have over 1,700 members in our vet health plan which is called the ‘Well Pet Club’. We regularly ask our clients why they are members of our vet health plan because we want to focus our time on what makes the Well Pet Club so popular. The answer has all variations of reasons like the convenience of reminders, exclusive discounts,  and the peace of mind knowing their pet has year round preventative welfare. However, the one reason that appears 99% of the time is how much money our client saves.

We understand the cost of living crisis is having a devastating effect on the UK. We all have families and our own personal lives so know only too well the worries and struggles of life in 2024. Part of this is of course pet ownership, and we are all pet owners here at Orchard, so share the financial worries that has unfortunately come along with owning a pet. This is why we focus heavily on keeping our Well Pet Club affordable, whilst offering premium products and services. We would like ALL of our clients to be members of our Well Pet Club as we know 1,700 clients see the value as much as we do. However, if you are not a client of Orchard House Veterinary Centres, or live further afield but are interesting in a vet health plan, we would like to candidly show you why our Well Pet Club is such great value for money, and also give you advice on what to look for in a vet health plan near you.

Questions to ask based on the average vet health plan:

Two veterinary health checks per year – Most vets include your pets booster vaccination as a health check, so make sure you are made aware whether you get the booster and two ADDITIONAL health checks, or if one of the health checks are included in the booster.

At Orchard House Vets we offer a health check during your pets booster vaccination, and then an additional health check in 6 months time. This is TWO veterinary consultations per year. 

12 months of parasite control – Always check what products are included! Many vets use a set product rather than a product that is more suited to your pet.

Here at Orchard House Vets we have a preferred product if you would like a recommendation, but we match the product to the needs of your pet. We also use the very best flea, tick and worm treatment on the market. 

Nurse clinics – Always ask what nurse clinics involve, as they are different to nurse consultations. It is also important to find out if this is an unlimited service or a limited service. It is not always made clear and many vets will only allow 6 clinics per year. It is also a good idea to find out what the difference is between a clinic and a consultation, as it may differ between vets.

Here at Orchard House Vets our nurse clinics are unlimited. You can find out what is included in our nurse clinics by clicking here

Additional perks – The above is what you will find on about 90% of vet health plans. You will always see slight word variations, and additional services, but it is important to understand if these are services you will use. It is easy to make an list of additional services but unless they are useful to clients then they have a better look than practicality.

At Orchard house vets we offer discounts on our most frequently used services, such as neutering. You can find a comprehensive list here

Vet health plan example

Most vet health plans use a weight bracket to determine your monthly cost. This is because the preventative products have weight brackets, and 99.9% of the time the heavier your pet, the more expensive the product is. We are going to use our most common plan, which is the 10-20kg dog weight bracket, to show you the potential savings you could make.

We want to show you the savings you will make from just using the Well Pet Club in the most basic way, which is booster, health check and preventative. As we have explained above, the additional information are “perks”, and you may not use them, so we want to show you how much can be saved on what 100% of clients use, rather than the overall saving that a smaller percentage of clients may use.

Vet health plans useful downloads

Click here to download our example Well Pet Club chart. This chart shows the basic saving on our plans, then the additional potential savings, if you were to use them.

If you are too far from Orchard House Vets to use our services, then please Download our handy vet health plan which has the important information you will need for a good vet health plan.

Signing up to a vet health plan

To sign up to our Well Pet Club, you must be a registered client. You can register here, or contact us here if you prefer. If you are already a registered client, then you can sign up online here, or give one of our friendly team a call and they’ll assist you.

At Orchard House Veterinary Centres you do not pay a joining fee. Your contract is with Premier Vet Alliance (PVA), but it is a rolling contract and can be cancelled or changed at any time, with no additional cost. The only thing to be aware of, at any veterinary practice, is that the vet practice will look at the products and services you have used, how long you’ve been a member of the health scheme, and if you are owed a refund, or indeed owe the vet practice for services or products used. Here at Orchard, if you ever change your mind about your vet health plan, then give us a call and we can let you know if you are due any products or services.

Do I need a vet health plan?

That is entirely up to you! – Vets do not try and push subscriptions for sales, and whilst we do not want to speak for every veterinary practice in the country, we are friends with many vet practices, and like us, they too do not make profit on health schemes. The point in the vet health plan is to promote premium health care for your pet. We recommend checking you will use the basic service and if that is worth signing up, the perks are great additions but you may not use them. If like us you live in the beautiful areas of our vet practices, Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham, you’ll know only too well that ticks thrive in our surrounding countryside. To help our community that live a little more rural, we also have a great home delivery service. So the prevention of ticks alone might be worth enquiring!

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