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Preventative treatment prescription requirements

Prescribing POM-V preventative treatment It is a legal requirement that in order to dispense prescription flea and worming treatments, your pet must have had a check-up with one of our Veterinary Surgeons within the past 12 months. If it is more than 12 months since the last examination, then an appointment will be necessary. This […]

How to get your cat or dog to take a pill

Have you found yourself pleading with your vet, saying “My dog won’t take pills”? If so, you’re not alone. Both dogs and cats are attracted to the smell and taste of many different things, but pill-flavoured pet food often isn’t one of them. Other dogs and cats are willing to ignore the pill entirely if […]

Spring into action and keep the pests away!

Fleas are the most common of all external parasites found on pets. The cat flea is the most prevalent species of flea found on both cats and dogs. An infestation of fleas is both unpleasant and potentially dangerous for pets and their owners. A flea‘s life cycle lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a […]

Flea, Tick and Worm awareness

Parasite control We firmly believe in providing regular parasite control for your pet; worms, fleas, ticks and lice can endanger your pet’s health and well-being, in the case of kittens, for example, they can even be fatal. We provide advice and guidance on the best parasite control for your pet; please ask at reception for […]

Increase in ticks

We have recently seen an increase in the number of clients finding ticks on their pets! A tick may appear initially like a spider that is brown in colour. When it feeds, it swells to around a pea size. Ticks must be removed and we would only recommend trying this at home if you are […]

Why does my dog excessively lick?

What is ‘excessive’ licking? “Dogs lick, it’s what they do”. This remark is generally true and the action of licking whether it be for grooming or checking out surfaces in their environment is typically normal behaviour. However, just like anything in life, sometimes normal behaviours can stray into being inappropriate, especially when exaggerated or done […]