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Raw Diets

Raw diets are becoming very popular currently and are available in most pet stores, usually marketed by promising better dental health, shinier coats and improved vitality. In much the same way that shampoo adverts always feature beautiful people with beautiful hair, the marketing shows dogs who look marvellous. That’s marketing! They are usually meat based […]

Caring for your elderly cat

Elderly cats can seem to have the ideal life; snoozing in a cosy bed, eating when they fancy and occasionally demanding attention. They can appear so content, it is easy to assume that they are well in themselves, but their peaceful appearance can be deceiving! In their twilight years, our feline friends are vulnerable to […]

Bringing Your Cat to The Clinic

It can be quite challenging bringing a cat to the surgery. Cats are independent and territorial so being taken out of their familiar environment can be enough to turn even a placid moggie into a quivering wreck – or a tiger! Very different from dogs, who are usually very used to going on outings with […]

Swallowing Dangers

We all know about the dangers of certain foods, plants and toxins but what about objects? Betty is a lovely French bulldog cross who was enjoying a stroll on the beach before (assumedly) picking up a dead fish. Unfortunately, this fish had a hook caught in it! Betty was seen with the hook by her […]

Worms are the worst!

We all know that we should worm our pets regularly, but it doesn’t always seem important, especially when our pets appear perfectly fine! However, worms aren’t always obvious and can cause a great deal of damage and general ill health. So what are the major types of worms we need to be aware of? Roundworms […]

Orchard House Well Pet Club

Your pet’s health and happiness is our number one priority. We promise to ‘care for your pets as if they were our pets’. At Orchard House we understand that you want to give your pets the best treatment. Our Well Pet Club makes routine healthcare simple and more affordable. A monthly Direct Debit covers: annual […]

Yellow dog project

Have you heard of the yellow dog project? The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated. Why might a dog need space? There are many reasons why a dog may need space.  It may… Have health issues Be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The […]