Orchard House Veterinary Centre

Jack Porteous career advice

Why did you want to become a Veterinary Surgeon?
Becoming a vet was something I had decided to do before I was old enough to really make decisions. I have always loved animals and I wanted a job where I would be using my head and my hands rather than a traditional office job.

If someone said to you that they wanted to be a vet, what advice would you give?
For most people you have to commit to becoming a vet very young in order to get all the work experience etc to meet requirements for interview at a vet school. I would want prospective vets to have a really good think about the stresses of the job and the more difficult aspects to make sure its definitely the career for them.
If the answer is still yes then try to do a wide variety of animal husbandry placements for a few reasons: 1. lambing, milking cows, walking dogs is pretty fun, 2. you’ll have a broader knowledge of how animals are looked after, 3. universities have minimum requirements on what they expect you to have seen to get an interview.

What is the best thing about being a Veterinary Surgeon?
For me the best thing day to day is being able to make a big difference to quality of life in my patients. Nothing quite beats the thrill of successfully delivering puppies though!