Orchard House Veterinary Centre

Graham Skelton career advice

Why did you want to work in Veterinary administration?
I’ve always loved working in customer service and also the advantage of being in a vets meant I would be surrounded by animals! I felt the role would suit my personality and thought it would be a new challenge that I could thrive in. Plus the added bonus of working in my home town meant I would get to see lots of people I know!

If someone said to you that they wanted to work in Veterinary administration, what advice would you give?
I had little to no experience in the role (aside from some voluntary work to gain some customer service experience), so don’t let a lack of knowledge or experience hold you back! As long as you’re keen, willing to learn and like animals, you’d sit well in the role.

What is the best thing about working in Veterinary administration?
Working in a vets is so rewarding, I love having a great relationship with both the animals and the clients. The best thing about being a veterinary receptionist is both the people, the pets and the variety. Its so hard to pinpoint the high point of the role, I love everything about the position, and have to say its less of a ‘job’ but more of a career.