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Vet health plans

5 January 2024
Not all vet health plans are the same, so it is important to understand the value you get for your money. We have over 1,700 members in our vet health plan which is called the ‘Well Pet Club’. We regularly ask our clients why they are members of our vet health plan because we want to focus our time on
Orchard House Veterinary Centre

Pet care advice for winter

16 November 2023
Pet care advice for winter Just like us, our pets might need a little extra TLC over the winter months! It’s important they stay safe, warm and active as temperatures start to drop, whether you have a dog, cat or a smaller pet. Our pet’s in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham love the winter season but their safety must come first.
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Guinea pigs

19 September 2023
As we bring a close to our Guinea pig awareness week, we would like to share a few useful guides which can be downloaded or printed. These useful guides have all sorts of G-pig related information, which is vital if you have never owned a Guinea pig before. Even if you are an experienced owner, you might just find a
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Keeping records up to date

21 July 2023
We don’t want to be too formal about this, but paperwork is part of owning a pet. Keeping your records up to date, and letting your vet, and other pet related services up to date is important. We will explain what and why. Pet insurance Every year it is likely your insurance premium will change, and as your pet gets
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Pet insurance

7 July 2023
Pet insurance provides cover for veterinary fees in the event that your pet becomes injured or unwell. It can provide peace of mind that you’re in a position to afford all the veterinary care your pet may need. We are often asked if pet insurance is worthwhile and it absolutely is worth it! Unfortunately, veterinary bills can be expensive due
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18 May 2023
Bright, loyal and courageous Dachshunds are a German origin breed of dog who were originally bred for hunting. Dachshunds literally translates as ‘badger dog’! The unique build of a Dachshund enables them to chase animals into burrows. They have a surprisingly loud bark and plenty of energy. We can safely say you won’t have a dull moment with a Dachshund
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18 May 2023
Hexham and the surrounding Tyne Valley boasts some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside. With crops and livestock forging a landscape worthy of any oil painting, the potential dangers to our four-legged friends and our countryside is not always as obvious. Rapeseed (Brassica napus subsp. napus), also known as oilseed rape, is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae
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Long grass in Tynedale

28 February 2023
How To Tackle Grass Seeds? Grass seeds are a pain and can be a big problem during the Summer months. If your dog enjoys playing in the grass (especially long grass), this blog is for you! Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham are blessed with beautiful countryside and lovely countryside walks. With these havens of course comes a few dangers and one
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Why vaccinate your pet?

28 February 2023
Why Vaccinate Your Pet? Pet’s in areas such as Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham have a greater risk of infectious conditions. Did you know that vaccinations play a central role in protecting pets from both viral and bacterial infectious diseases? Although vaccinations aren’t a legal requirement in the UK, here at Orchard House Vets in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham, we strongly
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Pet dental month special offer

28 February 2023
Save £50 on all dental treatment booked in March Every March, vets in Hexham, vets in Stocksfield and around the North East are encouraged to promote dental health. An often overlooked aspect of a pet’s wellbeing but sadly quite a common reason for a trip to the vets is dental issues. During your pet’s booster examination our veterinary surgeons will