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Cat Friendly

A Cat Friendly Clinic Gives You Peace Of Mind And Reassurance

Many people will know our Senior Vet Jill Crawford, she has been the driving force behind us achieving Bronze Level Cat Friendly Accreditation at our Bellingham and Stocksfield Branches. She is our Cat Advocate, if you have any feline related questions she is your lady! All of our staff have received extra training about making a cats visit to the vets as stress free as possible, we have created separate waiting areas and the cats lead the way in the consultation room…

Below is some information from the ISFM who award the accreditation:

Pet Health Insurance

We Always Hope That Our Pets Will Only Ever Require Routine Treatments Such As Vaccinations And Parasite Control

But sometimes they may have an accident or develop a long-term medical condition. Regular trips to the vets and medical treatment can become costly. We strongly recommend that our clients get pet insurance of their pets to help with these unexpected veterinary bills.

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Saying Goodbye To Your Pet

Deciding When To Say Goodbye

Losing a pet is a sad and distressing time and choosing whether to have them put to sleep is one of the hardest decisions a pet owner can make.

Many factors will play a part in the decision and talking each through with family, friends and Veterinary staff will help.

Your Veterinary Surgeon will be able to help you assess your pets quality of life and upsetting though it is, putting a pet to sleep (also called euthanasia) is sometimes the best course of action to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. Your vet will be able to help you decide when the time is right and what is best for your pet.

If you feel the time has come to say goodbye, or if you would like guidance and support, please book an appointment to see your Veterinary Surgeon.

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