Friends and family week

New for 2021, we are excited to announce our newest incentive of “Family and friends of the Well Pet Club”.

What does family and friends week mean?

If you are a member of our Well Pet Club, you can share your benefits* with friends and family! If any of your friends or family sign up to our Well Pet Club (WPC) during this week, you will get an additional 10% discount on our discounted items.

Benefits during Well Pet Club family and friends week

WPC member  Friends and family 
20% off Kennel Cough vaccination 10% off Kennel Cough Vaccination**
20% off neutering (including Laparoscopic spay) 10% off Neutering (including Laparoscopic spay)**
20% off rabies vaccination 10% off rabies vaccination**
20% off dietary products 10% off dietary products**
£10 credit for any friend or family who join our WPC 50% off a Nurse appointment**
 £15 off a veterinary consultation**
 Free puppy or kitten health check***
 £10 credit for joining our WPC during this week.

Family and friends week could save you and your friends or family up to £150 off the usual price of each benefit. We pride ourselves on offering the best service and the best products. Family and friends week is an opportunity for us to give something back to our loyal WPC members and to extend our reach to your family and friends.

Dates are to be confirmed so please check back every month for further updates! In the meantime, please read the terms and conditions below.


Terms and conditions.

The benefits stated can only be used once per benefit per pet that is registered to our WPC. If you are interested in joining our WPC so you can offer these benefits to your friends and family, just give your surgery a call and we can sign you up over the phone! It takes around 3 minutes and all we require is your direct debit details and then for you to complete the email that is sent to you. Benefits are instant to you as a member and during friends and family week you can extend your subscription to benefit those closest to you. Note, the additional benefits and benefits to your family and friends are only valid during our family and friends week. 

*The benefits you will receive are stated in this post and do not apply to veterinary checks. 

**We must register your friends and family to our practice to receive these benefits. It is required by veterinary law that we have a full clinical history of the pet in our care. If your friend or family is travelling a distance or out of the area to use these benefits, they could in theory register with our practice to receive these benefits then go back to their usual vet. We would simply send the history back to their registered vet. 

***If your friends or family are registered at another vet then we must request a clinical history before we can see the pet. However, if they are not registered at a vet then we can see the pet. This offer is for a health check, any medication or treatment will be a separate charge and that will be made clear upon the appointment. 



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