Scales and measuring tape.

Nurse clinics and why they are important

We would be here for hours if we listed everything a Registered Veterinary Nurse does in a day!

Why are we offering 50% discounts on weight clinics? 

Pet obesity is on the rise and so many health problems can occur because of obesity. We want to promote a happy and healthy pet and give our patients the longest and best life they can possibly have!

What happens in a weight clinic? 

Ordinarily, our Nurses would take the measurements on your pet to do what we call a “body score”. They can then determine if a “diet” is required. The next step would be to ask you a few questions such as, how much food do you feed? What brand of food do you use? How often do you feed your pet? The reasons we ask these questions is so that we can research the food and see what the ideal amount of food per day would be for weight loss.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot offer face to face consultations. We are however offering 50% discounts through January for telephone appointments. These appointments will be slightly different but our nurses can do everything they would normally do, except the physical measurements of course!


Simply book an appointment over the phone for a nurse weight clinic to receive a 50% discount on the consultation!

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