Orchard House Vets - Veterinarian examining West Highland White Terrier

Pet health checks

Pet health checks are an important part of pet ownership. Your pet will receive a health check during a booster vaccination, so that is at least once a year. We recommend every 6 months and that is why our Well Pet Club is great value, as it includes a health check with the booster vaccination, and then a health check 6 months later. You may have come across a saying that most vets use, and that is “prevention is better than the cure”. It is a very true statement, and by keeping your pet up to date with the basic vitals, you are well on your way to being on the right side of that statement!

How many of the below statements can you answer as ‘yes’ to? 

My pet has received a health check in the last 12 months
My pet is up to date with a booster vaccination
My pet is up to date with preventative treatment
My pet’s microchip details are correct
My details are correct with my vet
I know my pet’s insurance details
My pet has received a routine blood test before
My pet has received a urine test before
My pet has had a dental check up in the last 2 years
My pet has had a nurse consultation in the last 2 years

If you are unsure when your pet last had any of the above, or you are interested in any of our services then please just get in touch with us. We can check your details, or when you were last seen, or if your pet is due any treatment.

Blood tests: 

It is much more common for blood tests to be used when health issues arise, or operations are scheduled. However, blood and urine tests can be part of your pet’s routine health check, in fact, we would recommend it! We can tell a lot from a simple blood test, and sometimes we can get the earliest indication that something isn’t quite right.

Dental check ups

Although we do check your pet’s teeth during a vaccination consultation, it is important that if you notice any obvious pain when eating, or bad smells coming from your pet’s mouth that they get a health check.

Nurse consultations

The most common nurse consultation is ‘weight checks’. Keeping a healthy weight is so important to the wellbeing of your pet. Our nurses can advise you on diets and general weight related health advice. If you have noticed your pet has gained a bit of weight you can book in to see one of our nurses who will perform a weight score and see if adjustments can be made to help reduce your pets weight.