Preventative treatment prescription requirements

Prescribing POM-V preventative treatment

It is a legal requirement that in order to dispense prescription flea and worming treatments, your pet must have had a check-up with one of our Veterinary Surgeons within the past 12 months.

If it is more than 12 months since the last examination, then an appointment will be necessary. This is a legal requirement for all vets, we are only allowed to prescribe for animals under our care. This will be a chargeable consultation at the usual consultation fee, (currently £37.20-£46.80) and will be a 15-20 minute appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon.

We consider that for routine parasite control an annual examination is sufficient. This allows a regular (enough) weight to be on the record so we can ensure that the correct dose of medication is supplied.

As stated, this is the law and we must abide our governing bodies law. For more information, please visit the following websites:

It is possible to purchase parasite control which is not POM-V, but AVM-GSL category over the counter in retail shops from designated staff called SQP (Suitably Qualified Person). We are not legally able to do this. We also recommend researching the difference between POM-V preventative treatment and AVM-GSL preventative treatment.

Well Pet Club

We offer a pet health plan called the Well Pet Club which is a monthly payment that covers all of your pet’s preventative treatments. As well as preventative treatment, your pet will receive an annual booster, a half yearly health check and many more discounts. Starting from £9.95 per month you could save up to £130 a year.