Rabbit microchipping

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic device about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip is inserted under the skin, between their shoulder blades, via a quick injection. Once inserted, a rabbit cannot feel the microchip and the special capsule around it means that it does not break down – a microchip is designed to last your pet’s lifetime. It can move slightly over the years so don’t be alarmed if your vet or nurse have to scan a little more to find it!

How does it work?

The microchip is coded with a unique number that can be read by a scanner. Microchips do not store personal data – this is kept against the unique identification number on a secure database, we use Identibase. If your rabbit is found and scanned, the microchip database is accessed online and the vet or organisation that has your rabbit can use the number to find your details. You can then be contacted and your pet safely reunited with you. It is a really simple method but only works if a pet is microchipped!

Why should I microchip my rabbit?

Rabbits, both indoor and outdoor, are at risk of escaping and getting lost. As they do not wear collars, a microchip is the only way to definitively identify your rabbit – this means having your rabbit microchipped greatly increases the changes of your lost rabbit being reunited with you. This can save a lot of heartbreak, and is of course much better for your rabbit too!

Where can I get my rabbit microchipped?

Any of branches can help you with this, just call your nearest branch and we will make you an appointment!