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Well Pet Club testimonials

We shout as loud as we can about how great our well pet club is – because it is! – and the reason we do this is because you can save at least £120 a year. Everything included in our well pet club is the basics of what we recommend for our pets. The health plan is premium products, premium service and saves money, so what’s not to love about it!?

We ask our well pet club members for feedback every year because we feel it is important to understand that our clients feel they are getting the benefits of the plan. We have sent out 1200 surveys to date and would like to share the results with you.

WPC surveys
5 stars543
4 stars7
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star0

Our goal as a practice is to provide a 5 star service across everything we do. From your first contact, to everything in between. Whilst over the moon that 98% of our clients gave us 5 stars for our health plan we wanted to know why 7 people dropped a star. The reasons were more than fair, being a simple communication breakdown with our reminder service.

So, how did we take the feedback of 7 people to make sure in 12 months time they give us 5 stars? We now dedicate a day a month so any reminders not cleared in our system is picked up by our team. That’s how! – the point we are making is that if you are not 100% happy with any aspect of our practice we will strive to make you 100% happy. Our motto is that we care for your pet as if they were our pet, therefore we give the service we would expect ourselves.

So with that all said – please check out what a few of our clients have said about being a member of our well pet club and we hope if you have any doubts this will help with your decision! Remember, it is also a rolling contract, so you can always give it a try and if its not for you, just let us know!

I have 3 dogs and 1 cat on the health plan and it is great. Convenient monthly payments means I can just call up to order my flea treatment and pick it up the next day without an unexpected £40 or £50 to pay per pet. I will be a member of the health plan as long as I have pets.You can find out more about our well pet club, or to sign up, by clicking the link. If you would prefer a chat then please do give your surgery a call and we can discuss any queries you have.