Clinical Director / Veterinary Surgeon

Tim Pearson BVMS, MVM, MRCVS

It seems that almost everyone knows me, Clinical Director and vet as “Uncle Tim”!

I consult and operate at Hexham for most of the week, with a weekly session at our Bellingham centre. I graduated way back in 1988 from the University of Glasgow Veterinary School, just a few years behind “James Herriot” or, real name, Alf Wight. I attained a Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1989 for work treating arthritis in dogs before I started work in general practice. I worked in the North East, London and in a referral veterinary hospital in Harrogate before I decided that I wanted to start my own practice back in Northumberland. My vision was to create a dedicated pet animal practice which had the friendliness and personal touch of a small practice, but which also kept clinical standards and levels of care and facilities which could rival larger hospitals. I opened Orchard House in Hexham in 1998. That first day I had two clients. The practice now has around 10,000 registered clients and employs 20 staff over our three branches, but we have remained small enough to care. My wife, Cath, is a teacher. Cath and my two teenage daughters see more of me on evenings and weekends than in the early years when I was on duty 24/7.

We have two slightly mad Border Collies, Ozzie and Drum (named after Hadrian’s Wall forts) and a cat called Gus.