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25 years of Orchard House Veterinary Centres

30 May 2023
  Those are the words from Tim Pearson, MRCVS and director of Orchard House Veterinary Centres. Thank you for watching, and for being part of our family! To celebrate our 25 year anniversary we have some wonderful prizes on offer and you can find out more details below! Community focussed vet We are a community focussed vets and shout from
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Microchip my pet

25 May 2023
Here at Orchard House Vets in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham we microchip over 1,000 pets every year. During our 25 years in practice we have microchipped over 25,000 of your pets! There is a real importance to microchipping your pet, and many myths surrounding a microchip. When they were first introduced they were easy to explain and no conspiracy theories
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18 May 2023
Bright, loyal and courageous Dachshunds are a German origin breed of dog who were originally bred for hunting. Dachshunds literally translates as ‘badger dog’! The unique build of a Dachshund enables them to chase animals into burrows. They have a surprisingly loud bark and plenty of energy. We can safely say you won’t have a dull moment with a Dachshund
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18 May 2023
Hexham and the surrounding Tyne Valley boasts some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside. With crops and livestock forging a landscape worthy of any oil painting, the potential dangers to our four-legged friends and our countryside is not always as obvious. Rapeseed (Brassica napus subsp. napus), also known as oilseed rape, is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae
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Senior pet care

12 May 2023
Caring for older pets Have you noticed your pet slowing down? Changing behaviour? Looking different? Dogs live for an average of around 12 years, although many live for much longer. Cats live an average of around 14 years, but again in many cases they can live much longer. Rabbits live an average of 6 years, but again we have seen