Cat microchip

Cat microchip law

It will be a legal requirement from the 10th June for all cats aged over 20 weeks of age to have a cat microchip. This is a positive step in cat ownership and has been passed as a law due to the increase in cat theft and ownership dispute following the “pet boom” of 2020. Cat microchips are important and we have seen many examples in practice where the microchip works perfectly.

Orchard House Vets in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham have each reunited cats with their owners. The most incredible case we seen was a stray cat being brought into our vets in Hexham as it had been seen in a local area. We scanned the microchip and we were able to identify the owner by using the cat microchip database. We called the owner and described the lovely cat that had been handed into us, and the owner broke down in tears! This lovely cat had been missing from Darlington (Yes, you read that right) for over 4 years!!

It was recently reported by the BBC that a cat returned home after 9 years missing, and this happened because of a microchip! This lovely story happened because of a cat microchip. So, how does a cat microchip work? How do we see the benefit of cat microchips?

What is a cat microchip?

A cat microchip is a small chip device that is no bigger than a grain of rice. It is injected into your cat after the details are registered to you with important information about your cat. Your mobile number, address, name and any secondary contact details are uploaded to the GDPR secure national microchip database.

How does a microchip work?

We will scan your pet for a microchip with a handheld microchip scanner. When we find it, a long number will pop up on our scanner and this is the number we use on the cat microchip database. We can now retrieve your contact details so we can let you know your cat is with us.

Why is a microchip important?

It takes 30 seconds to scan a cat and input the number to the microchip database. Within 60 seconds we are able to contact you. Without a microchip the process is significantly longer and much more complicated. With no microchip, our only hope would be to put a post on social media and hope the owner see’s the post. After a certain time, we legally must call the pet warden who will then care for your cat. Of course, you may call vets or the warden and be able to find your pet that way, but going through the process of proving the cat is your cat is often time consuming.

Is a microchip expensive?

A microchip will last the lifetime of your cat. This makes it a one off treatment and it can often be done during vaccinations so you don’t have to make a special trip to the vets for a cat microchip. At Orchard House Vets a cat microchip costs £27.50* (*correct at February 2024). Members of our Well Pet Club can save 20% on the cost of a cat microchip!

Is a microchip safe?

Cat microchips are very safe. You will be able to find one or two stories online which may link a complication to a cat microchip, but it is extremely rare. Microchips are tried and tested over many years and are regarded as very safe.

I’d like more information

You can find more information by following this HMGov link. If you would like to speak to us about cat microchips or to book an appointment, please contact us.