We thank all of our clients for your understanding and support during the difficult times we have all been through with the recent Covid pandemic. Changes in the Government’s isolation rules have meant that we are all able to move more freely and return to a level of normality; we have been able to visit shops and restaurants almost as before. It is somewhat easier in a shop or restaurant to maintain a level of distance from each other. Unfortunately, our vets and nurses need to work in close proximity to our patients which puts our clients and our vets and nurses at risk if we are all in the consulting room together. The Covid virus is still in evidence and, despite double vaccination, recent events have meant that a couple of our vets have needed to be out of operation for a number of days due to the virus. We are very conscious of the need to keep our practices open so that we can ensure quality care for your pets. As a result, we have decided to delay opening our practices to clients in the normal way for the present, and to review the situation regularly, in light of the local Covid infection and case rates.

We, at Orchard House Veterinary Centres, are aware how important it is for some clients and their animals that they are able to attend a veterinary surgeon appointment together and will continue to develop plans of how we can to make this possible. If you have some special need to access the practice with your pet, please discuss this with our Client Care Advisors.

Many thanks and best wishes to our clients and their pets