Dog friendly Hexham

Hexham town council have recently announced that they are working with local businesses to help promote them if they are dog friendly. Obviously as a vets in Hexham, we are very dog friendly, so it won’t apply to ourselves but we are delighted to hear that the town council are helping to make it a little easier for locals and visitors get in and around shops with their four legged friends!

The town council will be funding stickers for businesses to use so they can display if they are dog friendly, which we think is a brilliant thing as we are often asked by referred clients where they can go get a cup of tea or products that will allow their dogs in with them. Although we are local, we don’t know every business that is dog friendly, so having the councils help will benefit our local businesses greatly!

As a business in Hexham, we try our best to support our local small businesses. If you are a business owner who is hosting an event aimed at, or that welcomes dogs, then please get in touch and we will do our best to promote your event!