Hot weather

Summer is well and truly upon us, it is the time of year we enjoy the sun with summer day walks or days out with the family. However, while it is great to enjoy the summer sun, sometimes it can be a bit too much for our pets and they can struggle in the heat.

Check out a few useful tips below!

Hot Cars

We are sure that we do not need to tell you that the biggest health concern during the summer months is leaving dogs in hot cars. Even with the windows down dogs can start to suffer and every year dogs die from being locked in hot cars.

Remember never leave your dog in a locked car during the summer, even if you are popping into a shop quickly. This is especially important for the flat faced breeds such as bulldogs and pugs which overheat very quickly.  You would be amazed how quickly it can heat up to deadly temperatures inside a car.

Protect Your Pet’s Skin

Pets get sun burnt too! Light coloured pets can be prone to skin cancer; apply sun cream to white and pink areas of your pet’s skin to avoid problems.  The worst affected areas tend to be the tips of the ears.

Avoid Dog Walks In The Heat

Avoid walking your dog in the heat of the day and always make sure you take plenty of water for them on long walks. Concrete and tarmac can heat up in the summer sun and can burn your dog’s pads when walking on it.

You can test to see how hot the pavement is by placing the back of your hand on the pavement and hold it there for 11 seconds. If it’s too uncomfortable for you to leave your hand there, then it could be too hot for your dog too (You can try this method barefoot too).

 Check Bunnies & Guinea Pigs For Flystrike

Check the bedding and the rear of rabbits & guinea pigs for fly eggs and maggots at least once daily. Change your small furries bedding once a day to avoid flies. Flystrike can occur very quickly in hot temperatures. It can be prevented by applying flystrike treatment to your small furry, which lasts up to 6 weeks.

Summer Haircut

A trip to the groomers will help keep your pet cool, especially if you have a longer haired dog.

Frozen Treats

Pop your dog’s Kong in the freezer and give it to them as a refreshing cool treat.

Frozen water bottles are a great way of cooling down your rabbits & guinea pigs, placing it against them will help them keep cool.


During the summer months we start seeing a lot more pets who suffer from skin allergies due the high pollen count. Make sure your pet’s fur is clipped short and wipe them down after walking in long grassy areas to help ease any allergies. Remember to always seek veterinary attention if your pet is suffering from any sore skin.

Watch Out For Foxtails & Grass Seeds

Check your dog’s pads after walking in long grassy areas to check for any grass seeds or foxtails. If unnoticed these embed into your dog’s pads and cause a swelling which sometimes leads to surgery.  They can also get stuck inside ears and cause infection and sore skin.

If you notice any lameness, hot ears, or head shaking please seek veterinary attention.


Watch out for signs of heat stroke, such as collapsing, fast panting, excessive drooling and sticky gums. If you are worried about your pet always seek immediate veterinary attention.


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