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Online booking

3 July 2024
Did you know that you are able to book your appointments online? Book an appointment anywhere, any day, any time. When you register for online booking, you create an online account and this online account enables you to see upcoming appointments, and any reminders due. You can also change your details, or your pets details at any time. We have
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Events near Hexham

3 June 2024
As a small, independent business in Tynedale, we understand the importance of supporting local events near Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham. Many of these events are ran by locals who give up so much of their time to make these events the fantastic spectacle that they are. Here at Orchard House Vets, we have a long standing history of supporting events
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Independent vets – An honest and appreciative post

17 May 2024
What does it mean to be an independent vets? To you, our clients and patients, but also to the team who work here? We delve deep into the world of being an independent vet practice.  From the highs and lows, to the good and bad. It is a hard-working and fast paced environment but the team that makes up your
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My dog has eaten rat poison – what should I do?

17 May 2024
If you suspect your dog has eaten rat poison, it is important to remain calm. Rat poison can be fatal for dogs, cats and all small animals, so it is extremely important to see a veterinary surgeon. Below is information on why rat poison is dangerous to your dog, and what to do in the event of them ingesting it.
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Emergency out of hours information

13 May 2024
We at Orchard House Veterinary Centres are proud to offer an out of hours service with our own veterinary surgeons available to answer your emergency calls. Unfortunately, at the moment, we have veterinary surgeons on maternity leave and another who has retired. Our remaining veterinary surgeons are doing their best to fill in the out of hours slots, however, there