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New under care regulations for vets

1 December 2023
New ‘under care’ regulations for vets We are writing to our clients because of changes made to prescribing rules by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the regulatory body for Veterinary surgeons in the UK. The RCVS has recently altered the ‘under care’ regulations for vets prescribing parasite treatment (i.e. treatment for worms, fleas and ticks) for patients. They
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Dental care for pets

30 November 2023
Dental care for pets is of high importance to their every day care. You brush your teeth every day, that comes natural to you. But when it comes to brushing our pets teeth it seems that a high majority of us forget to do so. It is actually believed that 38% of dog owners do not brush their dogs teeth
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Cat friendly vets

29 November 2023
Our Stocksfield surgery is a silver accredited ‘cat friendly vets’, and our Bellingham surgery is a bronze accredited ‘cat friendly vets’. We are very excited to let you know that our Stocksfield vet practice has recently been awarded ‘Cat Friendly vet’ Silver accreditation from ‘The International Society of Feline Medicine’ (ISFM).  Our Bellingham vet practice is a bronze accredited cat
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Pet care advice for winter

16 November 2023
Pet care advice for winter Just like us, our pets might need a little extra TLC over the winter months! It’s important they stay safe, warm and active as temperatures start to drop, whether you have a dog, cat or a smaller pet. Our pet’s in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham love the winter season but their safety must come first.
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Pet friendly taxis in Hexham

5 October 2023
We are often asked which taxis are pet friendly in Hexham so we contacted all local taxi services and have compiled a list below. Please always double check when calling the taxi office. If you are visiting any of surgeries and require a taxi, please let one of our friendly receptionists know and they’ll be more than happy to call