Puppy vaccination advice

At OHVC we pride ourselves on following ‘Best Practice ‘ in all areas, and our vaccination programme for dogs reflects this. Following WSAVA  (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) guidelines we vaccinate puppies 3 times, with Nobivac DHP and L4 vaccine, at 8,10 & 16 weeks. This provides the broadest possible protection for whatever you chose to do and wherever you may take your puppy.

We can also offer a more traditional vaccine course, with 2 injections, of Nobivac DHPLepto2 at 8 & 10 weeks of age.

All vaccines are stringently tested for safety and efficacy before they are released for sale, and all vaccines carry a small degree of risk of adverse reactions. In our experience within the practice the most common adverse reaction is pain – they’re cold and they can sting a bit! There is a suggestion that small breed puppies are more at risk of adverse reactions, but the actual evidence of this is sparse. ( All of our vets and veterinary nurses vaccinate our own dogs, so we do practice what we preach!)

Both plans allow you to start taking your puppy out for walks at 11 weeks, which has been shown to allow the best socialisation and habituation of puppies as they grow into adult dogs. The cost is the same.

You can discuss this with the vet at the time of your appointment if you wish to discuss this further.


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