Cat next to a window.

Bringing Your Cat to The Clinic

It can be quite challenging bringing a cat to the surgery. Cats are independent and territorial so being taken out of their familiar environment can be enough to turn even a placid moggie into a quivering wreck – or a tiger! Very different from dogs, who are usually very used to going on outings with their owners.

We want everyone to stay safe, so here are a few tips to help, and of course our staff are able to give more advice if you are struggling.

Firstly, make sure you have a good, sturdy cat carrier -‘top loaders’ are easiest. Ones with a small ‘port hole’ at the front are not ideal, if you can only get the cat in , or out by that route. We find that cats often don’t like the ‘holdall’ type, partially due to the flexible nature of them and also the zip noise is frightening for them!

Use the carrier at home as a sleeping or feeding place, then they are much less alien and scary for the cat.
If you gently wipe round your cat’s face with a cloth, then place the cloth in the carrier , the scent will be comforting .

Make sure there is some soft, comfortable bedding in the carrier , a fleece blanket is ideal, or a towel, but leave enough room for the cat! Bring a plastic bag and some spare bedding if you have a very poor traveller, we will make sure it’s a clean basket for the return trip.

Carry the basket carefully, don’t let it bump into walls or doors, and if it’s a bit heavy for you , just ask and one of us will happily help you.