Orchard House Veterinary Centre

The assurance of insurance: Is your pet insured?

Knowing that your dog, cat or rabbit is insured can be a weight off your mind, especially if your pet has a sudden accident or illness and you are faced with an unexpected vet bill.

There are different types of cover to choose from. The top cover is a lifetime policy where your pet is covered for a condition for life, usually up to a certain amount of money per year. A time-restricted policy means that you can claim per condition, usually for 12 months only.

If your pet has an on-going condition such as diabetes or arthritis, the cover expires after the time period. A condition-restricted policy means that you can claim up to a certain amount per condition. Accident only insurance is a basic cover only.

Insurance won’t cover a condition if it has occurred before the policy was started. This means it is useful to choose a good cover for your pet as soon as possible.

We highly recommend insuring your pet since there are a huge number of surgical and medical conditions that can be very costly to treat.

Pets commonly swallow items which require surgery to remove them, however it’s not every day that a dog swallows a fish hook! Happily, surgery resolved the issue for this young dog.

In addition to the need for unexpected surgery, many medical conditions (such as skin infections, ear disease, kidney or heart disease – to name just a few!) can also be very costly to treat.