50% discount on Osteoarthritis treatment

Arthritis and your cat

Sniff Out Arthritis PAIN…and Stop it in its Tracks

Arthritis is a condition that leads to pain and progressive degeneration of the joint. It affects many aspects of a cat’s life including limited mobility, painful joints and a poor quality of life. Signs can often be subtle and cats will rarely yelp, cry or vocalise the pain they are experiencing. It is important to look out for signs e.g. limping, difficulty going up or down stairs, struggling or hesitates when jumping.

While many cases of arthritis occur in older, overweight cats, the condition can affect cats of all sizes, ages and breeds. Many cases go undiagnosed because owners assume slowing down is a natural symptom of getting older. Cats don’t have to suffer the pain of arthritis— no matter their age.

How can we treat Osteoarthritis?

We can offer a solution or an injectable innovative new therapy called a Monoclonal Antibody. It is a biological therapy that works like your cat’s own immune system. It targets and neutralises a protein that stimulates pain in patients with arthritis.

We are offering 50% off the Monoclonal Antibody treatment but have very limited numbers available.

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If you suspect your cat may have arthritis we would highly recommend booking an appointment with one of our veterinary surgeons. If your cat is on medication for arthritis please get in touch with us to discuss this alternative treatment.

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