A greener future

Veterinary practices around the country are doing their part for climate change, and here at Orchard House Vets in Hexham, Stocksfield and Bellingham, we too are trying to implement changes for a greener future.

So, where to begin. Well, let’s have a look at what we already have in place to be a greener practice.

Bio-degradable, re-useable bags

Our carrier bags are both bio-degradable, and spacious enough to be re-used for other purposes.

How can our clients help? – We do offer bags, but if you are able to bring your own re-usable bag then this would reduce the number of bags we order, and smaller production is only a good thing! 


We have a 1250L recycling bin at each of our practices. Staff recycle every item they can and we work closely with our suppliers to reduce packaging, and for our supplier to re-use and responsibly recycle the packaging from our orders.

How can our clients help? – Please recycle all packaging that you receive from us. Most packets and packaging is recyclable, and we do ensure that, where possible, our supplied goods use recycled packaging. 

Responsible medication disposing 

Any medication prescribed by Orchard House Veterinary Centres that is unused, expired, no longer required or for whatever reason you may have remaining medication, can and is responsibly disposed of. Just give us a call or email to let us know you have remaining medication you would like disposed of, and we will happily accept it for you. Please note, we can only accept medications that we have prescribed.

Well Pet Club home delivery 

We have introduced home delivery for members of our Well Pet Club as an optional extra. Preventative treatment being delivered directly to your door saves a car journey to our practices.

Media and technology

We have made many changes over the last few years to reduce how much paper we use, and how much printer ink is required. We send invoices and statements by email, as well as receipts for any online payments received. We also send a welcome email to new clients rather than our old 10 page welcome pack. We also send reminders by text and email rather than by post, thus reducing both paper usage and of course stamps and travel time. Our website is jam packed full of time saving and greener methods to either register with us, book an appointment with us, request medications from us and how to contact us in the easiest way. We are constantly looking at ways to make our clients experience with us as smooth, stress free and of course as green as possible. If you think we could do something better on our website or social media relating to being a greener practice then please get in touch with our marketing manager, Graham.

Using technology for a greener future

This is the most difficult area for veterinary practices. We have rules and regulations to follow, and many of these regulations require printed forms and records. Times are changing in the veterinary industry, and it is no secret among our fellow professionals that as a sector, the vet world is so far behind with technological advancements on day to day systems. We actively work with our practice management system to try and reduce how much we print. We hope to be able to announce a much more digital focussed service in the future, that will include digital consent forms, digital hospital records that link to your pet’s account, and much more. These systems are slowly beginning to appear but finding the perfect system is no easy task. We will of course update you in the future as soon as we find the right system!

Practice Standards Scheme and sustainability 

We have recently appointed a ‘sustainability champion’ at our surgeries. Georgia will be looking at how we can become greener overall, and will be working with our governing body on how to achieve this.


Let’s be greener together