Close up of a cat.

Cats and Coronavirus

This morning the President of the British Veterinary Association has recommended that cat owners keep their cats indoors all the time. There is a tiny risk that Covid-19 could be spread on a cat’s fur if an owner had the infection.

The BVA have released a statement since, which you can find here. The article clarifies that cats from an infected household should be kept indoors. The original article has caused much panic among cat owners and media headlines state all cats should be kept indoors. We urge you to read the BVA statement and read Tim’s advice below.

There is the risk that cats forced to stay indoors can get very stressed, leading to urinary tract and other illness.

Whilst the advice could be sensible in city cats which may be more “shared” between households, the risks in this area would be significantly lower.

The best advice is to wash your hands thoroughly after handling any pet, and don’t stroke other people’s cats or dogs.

The risk of catching Covid-19 is much much higher from other people, and from things people touch. Unless you own a bat or a pangolin, please don’t panic!

Stay safe.