Claiming on your Pet Insurance

Orchard House Pet Insurance Policy.

Effective from 1st August 2016.

Claiming on your pet insurance policy should be simple and straightforward.  The following information is intended to help make the process as smooth as possible.

When claiming on your pet insurance please be aware:

We have to disclose a full medical history to the insurance company on their request.

Insurance companies will charge separate excesses for each condition per policy year.

  • It is best to process an insurance claim as quickly as possible. It may not be necessary to wait until all treatment has been completed before starting the process. Continuation claims can be submitted for future treatment.
  • If a condition has been noted on your pets’ record, the insurance company may rule it to be a ‘pre-exisiting’ condition even if no treatment was advised or undertaken. Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded from claims under the policy conditions.

Submitting a claim to your insurance company (non-direct claim):

  • Bring in a claim form. You may have one at home, or you may have to contact the insurance company. Many companies now have claim forms that you can download from their website.
  • You will find there are different sections on the form for you, (the owner) and for us (the veterinary practice) to complete. Please ensure that you have filled in all the relevant sections before bringing the form to the surgery. If you are unsure about any part of it, we will be happy to advise you. Make sure that the policyholder signs the form.
  • Payment for all treatment, products and services should be made in full to Orchard House Veterinary Centres.
  • We will complete the section for the veterinary practice, provide all the supporting receipts. After it has been checked over by the vet in charge of your pet’s case, it will be emailed or posted by us to the insurance company.
  • You will receive payment directly from the insurance company.

If you are authorised to make a direct claim, follow the above steps, and please note the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Direct claims have to be authorised by the Practice Manager, Assistant Practice Manager or Practice Principle.
2. We are unable to process new direct claims for accounts under £200.00
3. The excess, any percentage excess as well as products and services not covered by the insurance are payable on the day of treatment. If the excess is not known, you will be asked to pay a £100 excess. If the excess is less, the difference will be refunded to you, minus any exclusions the insurance company make, if it is more, you will be liable to pay the difference within 30 days.
4. An administrative fee of £14.50 is due for every new direct claim.
5. We do not process direct claims with Equine and Livestock, Animal Friends or those insurance providers underwritten by them.
6. In the event of the claim being declined you will be liable to pay all outstanding balances within 30 days of notification from the insurance company.
7. If your policy does not cover the full amount of the fees you will be liable to pay the balance within 30 days of the claim being processed.
8. We have to disclose a full medical history to the insurance company on their request.

Please note: Insurance companies will charge a separate excess for each condition per policy year.

Which insurance companies can we do direct claims for, and which do we not?

We can do direct claims for:

Allianz Insurance Plc
Animal Care Options
Pet ID
Scottish Pet

Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
John Lewis
More Than

Ultimate Insurance Co Ltd
Kwik Fit
Legal and General
Paws and Claws
Purely Pets
Vet Savers

Zenith Insurance Plc
Protect Your Bubble
Pets at Home
Sun Life

Acromas Insurance Company Limited

Agria International Forsakring AB
Kennel Club
Vet UK

Atlas Insurance PCC Limited

Aviva Insurance Limited
NCI (Lifetime Policies)

Cranbrook Underwriting (for and on behalf of QIC Europe)
Healthy Pets
NCI (Time Limited Policy)
Vets Medicover

Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Ltd

Pinnacle Insurance Plc
American Express
Post Office

UK Insurance Ltd
Direct Line
Virgin Money

Insurance companies we cannot do direct claims for:

Advent Underwriting Ltd
Pet Protect

Alpha Insurance A/S

Livestock Insurance Company Ltd

Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
Animal Friends

For more information, contact Hannah Shrimpton, Acting Practice Manager at Hexham on 01434 607677.