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Discount on a Pet Wellness Health Check


What is a ‘Pet Wellness Health Check’?

This health check is designed to spot potential health issues before any signs appear. A wellness health screen will measure indicators of liver and kidney function, sugar levels and other important enzymes.

The results of the test will indicate to us the potential risk of a number of common diseases or medical conditions, as well as providing a baseline against which to monitor future changes.


What is included?

Your pet’s wellness heath screen will include a physical examination, a blood test and blood pressure monitoring. A urine test is an optional extra too.

The examination will look for any physical abnormalities and the blood test will identify signs of anaemia, inflammation, infection, stress, abnormal white blood count, some bleeding problems, hydration and the ability to fight infection. From this testing, the vet can analyse the function of your pet’s liver and gallbladder, kidneys, intestines and, if necessary, their bladder and urine.

Urine test

A urine test is recommended so if you do make an appointment please do try and bring a urine sample with you. You can always pop into the surgery to collect a sample pot ahead of your appointment if you wish. For dog owners we can offer a ‘Uripet’ for urine sample collection and for cat owners we can provide non absorbent cat litter to help with that urine sample!

What happens next?

Your vet will interpret the results and explain to you what they mean for your pet’s current and future health and make any necessary recommendations as a result.

By using the results as a baseline, the vet is able to more accurately track your pet’s health making it easier to monitor future changes and to identify disease earlier.
How much does it cost?

The usual price for a wellness screen is £210.00 but throughout September and October you can download a voucher here to receive a 40% discount on our pet wellness health screens. This means the total cost will be £126.00 (inclusive of VAT and 40% discount).
How do I book a wellness appointment?

Please call your local surgery to book a wellness screen.