Dog life expectancy

We were recently shown a chart of the life expectancy of dog breeds. The chart shows us the difference in the breeds with the longest life expectancy vs the breeds with the shortest life expectancy. brachycephalic breeds make up the bulk of the lowest life expectancies. Over the last 10 years the brachycephalic breeds have been popularised to the point of overbreeding. With sales of brachycephalic breeds reaching as high as £5,000 per puppy, it is a really big problem in the UK. Practices across the UK see more and more brachycephalic breeds every year and as a result, many have decided to try and raise awareness by sharing quite shocking stats.

BreedLife expectancy  at age 0 and the 95% confidence interval (CI)Last age (year) in the life tableat the last age (year) in the life table and the 95% CIYear interval when  become 1.5Number of dogs in the life table
Jack Russell Terrier12.72 (12.53–12.90)190.66 (0.39–0.97)14–151620
Yorkshire Terrier12.54 (12.30–12.77)180.74 (0.45–1.05)14–151042
Border Collie12.10 (11.85–12.33)170.68 (0.42–1.00)13–14942
Springer Spaniel11.92 (11.69–12.13)160.73 (0.47–1.03)12–13790
Crossbred11.82 (11.72–11.92)190.54 (0.36–0.76)14–156511
Labrador Retriever11.77 (11.67–11.89)160.51 (0.34–0.71)12–132500
Staffordshire Bull Terrier11.33 (11.19–11.48)180.61 (0.29–0.97)13–142364
Cocker Spaniel11.31 (11.13–11.53)160.51 (0.33–0.70)12–131073
Shih-tzu11.05 (10.73–11.40)170.83 (0.48–1.26)13–14638
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel10.45 (10.26–10.62)150.77 (0.48–1.10)11–12867
German Shepherd Dog10.16 (10.00–10.370150.79 (0.50–1.14)11–121110
Boxer10.04 (9.85–10.21)150.83 (0.29–1.46)10–11836
Beagle9.85 (9.17–10.24)141.08 (0.62–1.59)12–13172
Husky9.53 (8.71–9.88)141.02 (0.49–1.60)12–13154
Chihuahua7.91 (7.48–8.39)161.07 (0.67–1.52)15–16458
American Bulldog7.79 (7.16–8.33)121.48 (0.95–2.03)10–11129
Pug7.65 (6.99–8.20)131.17 (0.75–1.63)11–12197
English Bulldog7.39 (7.08–7.69)130.59 (0.35–0.82)9–10478
French Bulldog4.53 (4.14–5.01)111.39 (0.84–1.98)10–11232