Orchard House Vets van.

Essential medication and food delivery to high risk clients




We will be utilising our ambulance to provide a weekly delivery of essential pet medication and food to the most vulnerable clients in our community. We will be providing this service completely free of charge


Who does this service apply to?

We are ONLY offering this service to clients who are high risk or vulnerable and unable to leave the home. If you have family, friends or neighbours who may be able to collect your medication, please ask them to come to the surgery and call us on 01434 607677 when they arrive, staff will instruct them on what to do.


I am not high risk or vulnerable but am self isolating because I care for some who is, can I use this service?

Yes, following protocol and previously given information.


I am self isolating but not high risk, vulnerable or a key worker, can I use this service?

In short, no. We are reserving this only for those who are at most risk. This service is manned by only one member of staff who has volunteered their free time to do this for us. We recommend those self isolating that are not high risk to use the Royal Mail, as long as the post office remains open we will be able to post your medication. For food items, we would recommend asking family or a friend. If you have no other option, please call us and explain your situation and we will try our very best for you but at this moment in time we have to prioritise emergency appointments, surgeries and the highest risk clients.


I am a key worker, can I use this service?



I am one of the eligible reasons for delivery stated above. How do I organise delivery?

Please email us medication@orchardhousevets.com providing your full name, pets name, full address and a contact number. Please include your requested food or medication. A member of our team will give you a call back and you will be “screened” by our wonderful staff who will ask a few questions to see if we can deliver for you or if posting your items may be more suitable. They will confirm everything for you but please be patient, we have very limited staff who are working non stop. Please ensure you place your order no later than 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon.


I am not eligible for delivery, what are my options and how do I order?

Please email medication@orchardhousevets.com to place your medication or food order. If you wish for this to be posted to you, please include this in your email. You will be charged postage and currently we recommend you allow 7 days for medication to reach you. We aim to post first class within 24 hours of your request. If you are able to collect your items from the surgery, please call us to advise you are coming to collect your medication or food, if you have not paid then at this point you will be asked to. Please then call when you are in our car park. We will bring your item out to you.


Can I thank your “delivery drivers”?

Please do feel free to give a wave at the window, give us an email or if you are on social media, leave a review or message mentioning them, this is the best way to communicate as we can pass your message on! We would strongly advise against any contact for both your safety and our staff.


Who will be delivering my items?

Hexham and Stocksfield clients, your delivery driver is our Assistant Practice Manager – Graham Skelton.
Bellingham clients, your delivery driver is our Registered Veterinary Nurse and Bellingham resident – Nalda Ferguson.
Graham will be using our practice ambulance but Nalda be using a Blue RAV 4 so please be aware this will be Nalda pulling up outside your home!


Do I have to pay before delivery?

Yes. Delivery is free but you must pay for your medication or food before we deliver. You will not be able to pay when placing your order as the vet must dispense your medication, you should be able to pay for food when ordering. A member of the team will call you back for payment or as soon as they possibly can.


What precautions are Orchard House Vets taking and what information should I know?

We are following government guidelines and advise you do the same. Ensure no-one comes to greet our staff, ensure pets are inside your home or secure from our staff. Please do not leave any kind items like chocolates or cards for our staff, as grateful as we are, these could become a health risk to our staff. (Feel free to keep them in reserve for a later date!) Our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE for each delivery. All medications and food will be kept separate and after each delivery, our staff will take the correct precautions before the next delivery.


Can I order in bulk?

Under RCVS guidelines, we have legal limitations on how much we can dispense to one client and this will be explained when you order your medication. Whilst food can be bulk bought, we need to ensure all our clients have access to food so will limit where we feel we must.

Finally – we are so grateful for the overwhelming amount of support we have received in these ever changing, unpredictable times. Whilst we never turn chocolate away please kindly do not try to say thank you this way for the time being. If you would like to show your appreciation, we would ask you leave reviews for others so they know what we have done for you and what we are about. We are on all platforms but Facebook and Google are the most popular choices! Thank you for your understanding and we encourage clients to email us on admin@orchardhousevets.com if you have any non urgent queries or a query regarding delivery.