Orchard House Veterinary Centre

NOMV – Not One More Vet

The veterinary community lost two more veterinary surgeons this week to suicide.

Male veterinary professionals are 1.6 times more likely to die by suicide.

And women, a growing majority of the profession, are at even higher as they are 2.4 times the risk.

If you are linked to a person on social media who works in veterinary medicine you may have noticed them changing their profile picture to include “NOMV” with the Rod of Asclepius. Some of you may know, but if you don’t, NOMV stands for Not One More Vet. Because we have one of the highest suicide rates of any profession.

When you see your friend or social media acquaintance change their profile, it’s usually because they have learned of another colleague that succumbed to suicide.

Be kind to your veterinary staff. From the front desk staff, nurses and vet surgeons.

With dropping to skeleton staff levels, we have been working longer hours and trying to meet demand; our phone system has registered an increase in 400% over the last 12 months and our Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses have seen an increase of 22% of emergency out of hours procedures.

As a nation we have all had to endure tough times…but we will continue to do what’s best for your pet. So please, be kind, be patient and be understanding.

Wellness crisis in our profession: Not One More Vet.