Pet Obesity

Do you give your pet your own food as a treat? If so, you are not alone. A PDSA Paw Report last year found that 26% of dogs are fed scraps and dinner left overs.

Obesity can cause your pet significant health issues, not only does the extra weight impact on their quality of life, it may shorten their life and increase the risk of other health issues. If a pet is overweight when they are young, chances are they will be overweight as an adult too.

But don’t worry, our nurses are here to help. Their free weight clinics are an opportunity to review your pets current diet, treats intake and levels of exercise. By using this holistic approach we will look at the best way for you to help reduce your pets weight. This may be as simple as decreasing food intake and increasing exercise. Alternatively, there are weight reduction diets that can be bought, which will see a quicker weight loss. Your pets bespoke plan will include body measurements and weight checks that will be monitored to review progress and together we can celebrate their success.

Meet Bailey

Bailey was a rescue dog, lucky enough to fall on his paws and find Lyndsey to love and care for him. Lyndsey now admits that she was making up for lost time and love, and Bailey was spoilt and fed a few too many extra treats, and as a result carried an extra few pounds!

When he started his weight loss plan in November 2016, Bailey had a body score of 8/9. He has made massive progress and now has a score of 6/9, his target is 4.5/9 or 5/9. Bailey’s current Body Fat Index is 35-40%, the ideal being 20-25%, so still has a little way to go.

Lyndsey is delighted with his progress and feels he is grown massively in confidence, visits to the vets are no longer feared, but enjoyed. He enjoys getting the attention of all the Orchard House team.

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