Please dispose of masks correctly

Vets are seeing an increasing number of dogs requiring treatment for ingesting discard face masks and other items of PPE.

Cases of dogs swallowing plastic gloves and masks has risen in the past few months, prompting many in practice and animal charities to issue warnings to the public.

Whilst here at Orchard House Vets, we are yet to see a pet that has swallowed a mask or gloves (thankfully!). We do however see dogs that have swallowed socks or other items of clothing!

We were sent this video of an affected dog called Patch, a three-year-old cockapoo that needed a mask removing through endoscopy. We offer endoscopy services at Orchard House Vets through the outstanding North East Veterinary Imaging. So hopefully your dog never needs an endoscopy, but if the worst happens, we are here for you! Just a slight warning that this 2 minute video shows an endoscopy in action, which isn’t too graphic, but may be graphic enough for some.