Rabbit Awareness Week

🐰 Rabbit Awareness Week 🐰

The focus on R.A.W this year is ‘ROOM FOR RABBITS’. Welfare cases across the UK have risen significantly over the last 18 months so R.A.W have asked vets to share as much information on responsible rabbit ownership as possible! In this article you will find starter packs, activities, advice and some great offers!

Let’s take it from the hop, sorry…top!

Are you thinking of getting a rabbit? If so, use this handy guide to find out everything you will need and information about caring for a rabbit.

Have you just brought a rabbit home and would like to double check you have everything you need to care for your rabbit? No problem, have a read of this guide!

So now you have read the above, how about a little fun for the little ones? Or yourself if you fancy a challenge! Here is a colouring in activity which shows the perfect environment for your bunny!

How to keep on trackClick here for a useful chart of your first weeks with your new rabbit!

Offers during R.A.W (27th June to 1st July)

Free Veterinary Nurse health checks! – Give your local surgery a call to book a free nurse health check which will include a weight check, nail clip and advice!

Well Pet Club and your rabbit

Our Well Pet Club (WPC) is designed to give your pet gold standard care for a low monthly fee.

For just £9 a month your rabbit will receive: 

  • Annual vaccination inc health check
  • 6 month health check
  • 12 months parasite control
  • Nurse clinics (nail clips, weight checks etc)

Sign up today by clicking here.