Dog and cat using a laptop.

Video Consultations

Starting 1st April 2020 we will be offering video consultations during COVID-19 for the vulnerable people in our community but also anyone who feels more comfortable having a consultation at home due to COVID-19 fears.

We have a FAQ and step by step guide on how to use this service. At the moment, we are asking clients to call us to arrange this service and to allow at least half an hour to book this appointment. Consulting times are 2pm to 3.15pm and that is Monday to Friday.


Can anyone use this service?

We are still only able to offer appointments for emergency or urgent appointments. A video consultation is a great way to visually examine your pet but of course there are limitations to what the vet can do. That is why we are recommending you call us so we can advise if a video consult is the best option.

Is this service free?

Our ambulance delivery service is completely free but unfortunately we cannot offer this video consulting service for free. We are charging our usual consultation price plus an additional fee to cover the cost of what we are charged. Consultations are 15 minutes and are £37.00.

How long does it take to register and how do I do it?

If we recommend a video consultation, we have steps below which we advise you read through for reference. It takes around 5 minutes in total and it is a combination of a telephone call and then email. In the first instance, you will be sent an email whilst on the phone to us prompting you to make an account. Once you have done this and confirmed, our team will leave you to finish your registration and they can make your appointment. Please see the guide below, it explains everything!

How to:

It couldn’t be simpler to sign up to our video consultations

Step 1 – call the practice to make your video consultation – a consultation time will be arranged between you and our team.

Step 2 – You will be asked your email address and pets name to register

Step 3 – Whilst on the phone to our team, check your email for the email to register

Step 4 – You will need to enter your name, phone number and create a password.

Step 5 – You will be sent a confirmation code via email which you must enter, as prompted.

At this point, please advise our team you have made your account. They will now leave you to it!

Step 6 – Complete your profile, you start by adding your pet!

Step 7 – You will need your pets name, date of birth, their species and their breed. You can even add a lovely photo!

By the time you have done this, our team will have booked your appointment with the vet!

Step 8 – Check your email for the booking confirmation from our vets

Step 9 – Confirm the booking through the link provided, you will then be prompted to pay.

Step 10 – Once payment is confirmed, you will be reminded 5 minutes before your consultation begins. Remember – you must be on a device with a camera and microphone. A smartphone or tablet is best but this can be done on a laptop.