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What is the Well Pet Club? 
The Well Pet Club is a monthly subscription (Starting from £9.95 a month) and offers a 12 month service of the very best preventative treatment along with many other money saving benefits.

What are the benefits? 

12-month cover for parasite control using gold standard products.
Flea, tick and worm treatment delivered directly to your door (additional fee of £1.50 a month)
One thorough vet examination, 6 months after booster
Annual vaccinations (including Veterinary examination).
20% off your puppy or kittens primary vaccinations
20% off kennel cough vaccinations (dog plans only).
10% off neutering, including Laparoscopic Keyhole Spays.
10% off rabies vaccination
10% off dietary products bought in-store.
Nurse clinics including:
Weight and dietary advice
Nail clips
Flea checks
Anal gland expressing
Microchip checks
Family and friends week*. (click here to find out more)
Exclusive promotions.
Convenient direct debit
Text, email or postcard reminders for appointments, vaccinations and treatments.

How do I sign up? 

The easiest way to sign up to the Well Pet Club is online! You can sign up here.

Give us a call! We can go through the form over the phone and answer any questions you may have.