At Orchard House… “We care for your pets as if they were our own.”

So, expect the very best in veterinary care. Our standards are the highest around.

  • We have a high quality team trained to deliver the care you want for your pet and more.
  • We keep ourselves up to date by regular attendance at Continuous Professional Development courses.
  • We also have the best and most up to date diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and medicines.

Our prices are based on two things.

  • The time spent by the Vets attending to your pet.
• The drugs, medicines and other consumables administered or dispensed for your pet.

If your pet needs an operation or another procedure we will be happy to provide you with a written estimate of likely costs. So there are no surprises.

All fees are payable in full at the time of treatment, unless there is a prior agreement. We also accept cash, cheques with a valid bank card as well as all the major credit or debit cards.

Price Menu

1st Consultation £32.95
2nd and Subsequent Consultations (can be discounted at the discretion of the Veterinary Surgeon) £32.95
Rabbit Consultation £28.75
Small Pet Consultation £19.90
Puppy Vaccination Course (8, 10 and 16 weeks) £70.00
Dog Booster £39.95
Kitten Vaccination Course (inc Leukaemia) (8 and 12 weeks) £70.00
Cat Booster (including Leukaemia virus) £48.00
Bitch Spay (according to bodyweight) from £222.00
Dog Castration (according to bodyweight) from £156.00
Cat Spay from £84.00
Cat Castration from £45.00

*Neutering is “all inclusive price” pre-operative exam, anaesthesia, all materials and including post- operative check-ups

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