Privacy Policy

Client and patient information is stored on our password protected clinical record database. The database back-up is stored on a commercial facility online, and on the premises on a back-up disk, which is kept in a fire-proof safe. As is a legal requirement, any financial documents (invoices etc.) are kept for seven years, any hard copies are stored in a locked room on site.

We will not use a client’s contact information for marketing, only the occasional informative email relevant to them and their pet.

With consent, we will use a client’s contact details to send reminders via SMS, email and post. This free recall service is designed to specifically remind our clients about important healthcare issues for their pet. Clients can opt out of this. However, we will then not be able to contact them to remind them about these healthcare issues and cannot be held responsible for the consequence.

All clinical records, including radiographic images and similar documents remain the property of Orchard House Veterinary Centres Ltd, however a client can request a copy of their pet’s clinical notes at any time.

All client and patient information is strictly confidential and will not be passed on to any third parties without verbal or written permission from the client, with the exception of the conditions outlined below.

We will not discuss a pet’s clinical case with any third parties, other veterinary surgeons physiotherapists, hydrotherapists etc. without verbal or written consent, unless emergency treatment is required.

In the case of an insurance claim, we will forward client and pet information as well as full clinical notes and an insurance invoice to the insurance company, where client consent has been obtained in the form of a signed insurance claim form.

Pet and client information will be shared with microchip companies when a pet has a microchip at Orchard House Veterinary Centres Ltd.

Minimal pet and client information is shared with IDEXX for laboratory services and the Pet Crematorium for pet identification purposes only. Anonymous information is shared with SAVSNET for educational research by the University of Liverpool.

If accounts remain outstanding after multiple attempts to contact you, we may send a client’s details to a debt collection service for the purpose of debt collection only. If this is to happen a letter will be sent a week before we take action.

Updated: July 2018

Why Choose Orchard House Vets?

  • 20 minute appointments Mon-Fri as standard
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  • 24/7 care – always our own vets, in our own surgeries
  • Well Pet Club – because prevention is better than cure
  • Dedicated to small animal
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