Dog walks in Northumberland

Dog walks in Northumberland. What is your favourite? Our bold top 5 ranked!

The best dog walks in Northumberland is not an easy list to compile, but we will give it a go! Our veterinary practices are spread across Tynedale and each surgery is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Northumberland has lovely beaches, forests and parks too with many dog friendly shops, cafes, pubs and lots of things to do. We asked our team what their favourite dog day out and dog walks in Northumberland are, and they gave us a great list!

Top 10 dog walks in Northumberland

Our top 5 regular dog walks in Northumberland!

1 . Sycamore Gap

One of the best dog walks in Northumberland is also one of the most iconic landmarks in Northumberland. A walk from Steel Rigg along Hadrian’s Wall to the famous site of the tree at Sycamore Gap is well worth it. Although the tree was sadly felled in 2023 in a senseless act of vandalism, the walk remains a beautiful part of the county and hopefully in the near future we will see a return of the beautiful Sycamore gap tree. Circular routes are plentiful if (like us!) the full stretch of Steel Rigg to Housesteads is a bit daunting.

One way walks are possible too by using the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall bus which is dog friendly public transport in Northumberland. Bus times are seasonal and you should check timetables before heading out. Click here for the national trusts 5-mile map and plan one of the best dog walks in Northumberland.

2. Allen Banks

Allen banks and Staward Gorge are national trust sites within a wooded valley. Dramatic scenery, variations of tree’s and the River Allen provide a beautiful backdrop for all photos. Situated about a 15 minute drive outside of Hexham, this popular woodlands has been a favourite for dog walks in Northumberland for many years. There are different paths depending on the level of difficulty you would like to take on, and of course what your four-legged friend is able to take on too! Parking is free for National Trust members, and for non-members there is a small fee for half a day or a full day. The National trust have a great map which you can find by clicking here.

  • Nearest Orchard House Vets to Allen Banks: Orchard House Vets, Hexham – 01434 607677
  • Recommended food: The Bowes Hotel

3. Kielder Forest

Kielder forest is easily one of the best dog walks in Northumberland, and rightly so. The man-made dam and forest has been a dog walkers paradise for many years. It is the largest woodland forest in England and Kielder water is Britain’s largest man-made lake. There are many trails for dog walkers and many have interesting sculptures along the way. If forests and hills are not for you, don’t worry! You can walk the 26-mile lakeshore path which is largely flat. You can of course walk a distance and back, but if you want to conquer the whole lake then we would recommend an early start! You can find more information including walking routes by clicking here.

4. Tyne Green Trail

Tyne Green is always a popular walk with dog walkers and it isn’t hard to see why. With the river Tyne flowing one side, and beautiful trees lining a path by the golf course on the other, dogs love to explore here. On Sunday’s you will notice the brilliant car boot sale in Hexham which is one of the largest in the North East. Many people have a wander around the market and then head over to the Tyne Green path. If you follow the whole path, you’ll end up near Warden and from here you can head to water’s meet. This is an area where the North and South Tyne meet with a great force of water.

  • Nearest Orchard House Vets to Tyne Green: Orchard House Vets, Hexham – 01434 607677
  • Recommended food: The Boatside Inn, Warden

5. Hareshaw Linn

Hareshaw Linn is located just outside of Bellingham. This lovely walk takes you about 3 miles through Woodlands that are adjacent to Hareshaw Burn. By following this burn you will end up at the dramatic and wonderful Hareshaw Linn. The word ‘Linn’ actually comes from the Scottish Gaelic word for ‘rushing water’, or waterfall as we know it today! The Linn is not the only attraction here. Rare ferns, mosses and lichen (over 300 variations) live here, as well as the elusive red squirrel. You can find more information and a walking map here.

  • Nearest Vets to Hareshaw Linn: Orchard House Vets, Bellingham – 01434 220330
  • Recommended food: The Fountain Cafe


Other dog walks in Northumberland

6. Cragside

7. Northumberland Beaches

8. Tyne Riverside Park

9. Shilford Wood

10. The Sele Park